Stratosphere 7.3% IPA | 12 & 24 Pack

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We welcomed our old friend Kristian back to Battersea to collaborate on a big, quick-thinking IPA for unpredictable times. The pungent, tropical fruit aromas from Strata hops are the focus here, backed up by El Dorado, Hüll Melon and Idaho 7.

Brewed in collaboration with Jing-A Brewing (CN), as part of their Change Of Plans series. Best Ale malt provides the base, Oats and Carapils added for body, along with Dextrose. Idaho 7 and Strata hops in the cool pool. Dry hopped with El Dorado, Hüll Melon, Idaho 7 and Strata. Fermented with a blend of American and English Ale yeast strains.

Stratosphere 440ml Can × 12

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Stratosphere 440ml Can × 24

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