We’ve Got You 4.7% Fruited Gose | 12 & 24 Pack

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Bursting with wild blueberries and Morello cherries, We’ve Got You is brewed in support of Hospitality Action. They’ve been doing great things, helping thousands of people get back on their feet again, and this is our way of saying thank you. Proceeds from this beer go towards their COVID-19 fund.

Extra Pale Ale malt and Wheat provide the base, with Acidulated Malt and Lactose. Citra hops for bittering. Kettle soured with Lactobacillus brevis. Fermented with our house English Ale yeast strain. Brewed with sea salt and coriander seeds. Conditioned on blueberries and Morello cherries.

We've Got You 440ml Can × 12

We've Got You 440ml Can × 24