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Select the beers by clicking Add, then amend the quantity to your liking. This is a fixed case of 24 with a 10% volume discount applied to all beer selected. Thanks for buying in bulk!

Product Quantity

Galileo 440ml Can

B.A. Imperial Stout 10.0%

Chosen Family 440ml Can

Brown Ale 5.2%

Hey Neighbour! 330ml Can

IPA 6.8% (Belleville Brewing)

Easy Pieces 440ml Can

Micro IPA 2.8%

Ripple Effect 440ml Can

NEIPA 6.6%

Black Is Beautiful 440ml Can

Imperial Stout 10.0%

We've Got You 440ml Can

Fruited Gose 4.7%

Tone Float 440ml Can

IPA 6.2%

Spindizzy 440ml Can

West Coast IPA 6.9%

Machina 440ml Can

Helles Lager 4.1% (CORE)

Dennis Hopp'r 440ml Can

IPA 5.3% (CORE)

Little Victories 440ml Can

Session IPA 4.3% (CORE)

Road Soda 440ml Can

New England Pale 4.8% (CORE)

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